Relief in Areas of New Mommy Care That Aren’t Often Discussed

While many mommy blogs talk about the best diapers, nursing techniques, and how to get sleep, others focus on other matters entirely. There are quite a few parts of being a new mommy that doesn’t go readily talked about. Whether they are taboo, uncomfortable, or just downright too personal, there are some things that should be discussed more often. When mommies are confused, potentially scared, and utterly frustrated at all levels, they need some comfort. No one is alone in this. This Chattanooga Mommy Saves by offering tips on topics that men, friends, and even bloggers don’t readily cover.


So one area that goes under-discussed is bleeding, and it happens. Mommies can bleed upwards of a month or two after birth. There should definitely be a way to manage this in a proper and safe way. Flow pads should be readily available. Do not be embarrassed to use them. Furthermore, don’t think this is necessarily an emergency. After delivery, bleeding is surprisingly common.

Treating Pain

Pain is not just common- it’s standard. Pain after birth can manifest in a few ways, but it always results in the same thing. There is little sense just fighting the discomfort head-on. There are safe ways to handle this. For example, ice packs can be very effective. It can be useful to fill up a small bag with ice and tie them in the area under duress. Some doctors will provide mommies with medications for C-section. This is the only area where reservations are justified. Follow the strict guidance of the doctor.

If a mommy is afraid of the repercussions of pain medicine, they can utilize natural options. Instead of saying “there is no option other than pain medication,” try for ice packs, witch hazel, and other remedies if pain medication is not on the table.

Do not shy away from personal problems in dealing with the aftermath of delivery. It can be embarrassing, but no one cares about that. The doctor certainly does not. Handle the problem shamelessly and with confidence because there is only a problem and a solution. Embrace it in full. Visit the blog for more mommy help.

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