PPBM Technology for earthquake construction

JAPAN through the University of Tokyo, Meguro Laboratory and JICA together with PIP2B Yogyakarta introduced earthquake-proof safe construction which is much cheaper than the existing construction.The earthquake-safe safe house, one of which was built in Diro, Pendowoharjo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia  was built using PPBM (Polypropelyne band mesh) technology.

“PPBM is a wall-building or mansonry building wall-mounting technology using a propylyne poly strap to bind the building’s walls so as not to collapse during an earthquake,” says Project Manager of PPBM Technology Institute of Industrial Science at University of Tokyo Kimiro Meguro.

The mounting method, once the wall brick is composed, the poly-propylyne rope webs are installed inside and outside. Between the inside and outside there are certain points that connect through the wall. After the nets are installed then the wall is reinforced with lepa.

Mentioned the installation of PPBM on the wall of the building will be able to protect the occupants of the house accidents stricken housing construction during the earthquake.

“If the wall collapses it will not fall soon but it’s still stuck because of strong webs, which will give the occupants time to save themselves,” he added. The technology, he added, is rightly utilized in brick-walled houses like in most Asian homes, especially Indonesia. He mentioned in addition to Bantul, this technology has also been utilized in Aceh and in Nepal.

Hopefully, in the future, the use of this technology will continue to be widespread so that people will have a safe house earthquake resistant.