My Old Dishwasher Was Under a Special Manufacturer Extended Warranty for a Faulty Part

When my dishwasher stopped working, I had no idea how to fix it so I just started doing my dishes by hand. It was inconvenient and a time waster, but I knew that I would not be able to afford a new dishwasher at the time. I didn’t even consider hiring a company that does appliance repair in Sacramento because I just didn’t think of it. I had never had an appliance break down on me before, so this was all new to me. I was complaining about it at work to a friend how I felt like I was living in the 1980s because of no dishwasher.

When she asked me what was wrong with mine, I told her that I had no idea. I had loaded it with dishes about a week before telling her, but nothing happened when I turned it on. I had checked the obvious things, making sure the door was fully closed and also checking the breaker box just on the off chance something had happened there, but everything was fine. She told me I should contact a local company that does appliance repair in Sacramento because they are affordable and could most likely fix it since my dishwasher was not that old.

The technician said that the timing mechanism needed to be replaced, and it was not a cheap repair. However, the model of dishwasher I had was under an extended warranty for timer repairs because the manufacturer wanted to fix a problem they were having with them. The previous owner of the house told me she had the dishwasher installed just a few months before she sold the house to me. It was not under regular warranty, and I have no idea if she sent in the warranty registration as the tech said the manufacturer tried to contact owners of this model. The nice thing is that the part and service call were fully covered by the manufacturer, so I did not have to pay a dime!

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