Getting Ready to Buy a House

I have been out of college for a couple of years now and I have had a good job since I got out in the workforce. I still have some college loans to pay, but in fact I have managed to save a little bit of money and I could probably afford a very small house if it was not in the best condition. Of course I can manage a little bit of repair work. Something like replacing orange county shutters would be not much for me, but I am really wondering how much I could reasonably expect to take on without having to hire a lot of professional tradesmen to assist me in a job. In fact if you have the time and patience you can learn how to do almost any job by searching for do it yourself tutorials on the web. They have millions of videos on Youtube and on other sites that serve the same purpose.

Of course I have been staying in my Mom’s extra room lately to save more money. She does not mind that, I help out around the place and I clean up after myself. That saves me a ton of money and it is very convenient to where I work. The only problem is that it is not a great way to work with a girlfriend, but I do not have that issue for the time being. The houses I have looked at so far are going to need a good deal of work, some of them are obviously well beyond my own capabilities. The question is obviously how much I really can do and how long it would take for me to finish the work. It is obvious that I would want to get a house which can be made more valuable and then perhaps sold at a profit when I am done with it.

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