Add Interest To Home Decor With Wall Murals

Homeowners dealing with plain rectangular rooms can add interest and color with a custom wall mural. Wall murals can be ordered to the size of a wall with manageable sections and easy to hang instructions. They come in a box that includes everything needed to get the job done including an installation video. There is a large selection of realistic and abstract murals to choose from. This is one project that the homeowner can do themselves with great results.

What Kinds Of Graphics Are Available?

Online retailers such as have many categories of murals including Disney characters and movie scenes, New York skylines, Maps of the world, Forest scenes, Cityscapes from around the world, and Sports scenes. They also offer Underwater murals, Sunsets and beaches, Abstract designs, and Black and white photos and graphics. In fact, there are a very large selection custom wallpapers available. The manufacturer will also let customers upload their own images to print for custom murals.

Mural Quality

These wall murals are made of a high-quality material printed with an HP Design Jet z6200 printer featuring 2400 X 1200 optimized dpi. The panels are of a size that is easy to handle and they fit together flawlessly. These murals are fire retardant and washable. The manufacturers use eco-friendly inks that are UV-resistant so the murals don’t fade in the sunlight. The murals are self-adhesive or come with free wallpaper paste.

The murals come in a box that contains an instruction video, mural panels, a pencil, a knife with snap off blades, and free paste. The mural sets have allowances for error to help beginners get professional results.

The murals can be ordered as standard or pre pasted which are paper based or a premium which is PVC based. When the murals need to be removed the paper based ones are wet and then peeled back and the premium ones are easily peeled back from a corner. Customers are advised to order the premium grade murals for wet areas such as bathrooms. When a customer orders these murals they are shipped within two days and they can be shipped anywhere in the world. For more information, visit the website.

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