5 Reasons to Install a Pond Fountain

Pond fountains and other aeration methods encourage circulation and add more oxygen to the water, mitigating damage from excessive nutrient runoff. Floating fountains are an eye-catching addition that’s perfect for shallow, symmetrically-shaped ponds. Read on to learn more about the benefits of pond fountains.

Improved Water Quality

When there’s insufficient oxygen in the water, the sediment at the bottom of the pond may release metals and noxious gases that adversely affect water quality. With an aerating fountain, many of these factors are reduced or eliminated. The oxygen introduced to the water through aeration assists in the conversion of phosphorus to forms not easily digestible by algae. Furthermore, fountains mix algae spores deeper into the pond, which means they have less light and time to grow.

Removal of Foul Odors

As the water at the bottom of the pond is mixed and oxygenated, hydrogen sulfide gas and its associated foul odors will be reduced.

Giving Fish a Better Habitat

When changing water temperatures cause layers to form at different depths, stratification is said to occur. With thermal stratification, oxygen depletion brings a decline in the ecosystem’s efficiency, which may lead to a fish kill. With fountain aeration, fish and other water-dwellers get a healthier habitat.

Less Mosquito Activity

For mosquito eggs to grow and develop, water must be still. A fountain creates a constant water flow, reducing mosquitoes’ viable breeding habitat and acting as a sustainable, natural way to control mosquitoes.

Reducing Sediment Accumulation

When there’s less oxygen, organic matter will decompose more slowly. This leads to the buildup of sediment on the bottom of the pond. With an aerating fountain, the overall accumulation of sediment is reduced, which reduces or prevents the need for dredging in the future.

A Few Closing Thoughts

As shown here, there are many reasons to consider adding a fountain or other water feature to a pond. Not only do fountains look great, they provide many benefits to the ecosystem and the plants and animals living in it. Fountain-based aeration is a valuable component in a water management program. Visit our homepage to find out more about it.

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